How to Live on Mars
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About the Author

A man whose career has required the use of several names, Robert Zubrin was born in New Plymouth in 2071 and graduated Heinlein high in 2099. Due to an unfortunate accident that caused his parents' payoff to the school administration to be misplaced, he was mistakenly ranked near the bottom of his class and was forced to accept employment from NASA for seven years (a time span he calls his dark period). Eventually, however, he was freed, and finding honest work, achieved interplanetary renown and financial success through a series of highly lucrative ventures in the areas of prosspecting-claim evaluation, areopaleontology, and preterraforming real-estate development. He is no (proven) relation whatsoever to his twentieth-century namesake, a humorless astronautical engineer who developed the Mars Direct mission plan, authored the classic treatise The Case for Mars, and led the founding of the Mars Society in 1998. He regrets any confusion his current nom de plume may have caused.

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How to Live on Mars

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