How to Live on Mars
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About the Book

Thinking about moving to Mars?

Well, why not? Mars, after all, is the planet that holds the greatest promise for human colonization. But why speculate about the possibilities when you can get the real scientific scoop from someone who's been happily living and working there for years? Straight from the not-so-distant future, this intrepid pioneer's tips for physical, financial, and social survival on the Red Planet cover:
  • How to get to Mars (Cycling spacecraft offer cheap rides, but the smell is not for everyone.)
  • Choosing a spacesuit (The old-fashioned but reliable pneumatic Neil Armstrong style versus the sleek new – but anatomically unforgiving – elastic "skinsuit.")
  • Selecting a habitat (Just like on Earth: location, location, location.)
  • Finding a job that pays well and doesn't kill you (This is not a metaphor on Mars.)
  • How to meet the opposite sex (Master more than forty Mars-centric pickup lines.)
With more than twenty original illustrations by Michael Carroll, Robert Murray, and other renowned space artists, How to Live on Mars seamlessly blends humor and real science, and is a practical and exhilarating guide to life on our first extraterrestrial home.

How to Live on Mars

"Informative, irreverent, and just plain fun to read. On to Mars!"
   — Ben Bova, author of Mars Life

"You'll marvel at possibilities, laugh out loud at clever inventions, and relish the tongue-lashing of our present times Zubrin delivers with high-velocity, clear prose."
   — Gregory Benford, author of The Martian Race

"I learned more about the science of Mars and the nature of freedom on the new space frontier than from a dozen straight-faced textbooks. And it's funny. This is Heinlein on helium."
   — Stephen Baxter, international bestselling author of Voyage

Copyright 2009 Robert Zubrin and Three Rivers Press